White to Black

And she decided to begin again. The darkness was concealed deep beneath her heart. She promised to never look back again.

But then again life played its part. The pages, unfolded and the part of her dark secret was then known to everyone. The whole new canvas was spoiled again. It was mix of shock and fear that overwhelmed her. The view, blurred. Helplessness was personified. Darkness was creeping in. But around that deafening silence she gathered courage to stand up, to stand up all alone. She did daring task indeed. In-spite of those dreadful wounds, she joined her hands and whispered in that deadly silence ” I w-won’t bre-eak.

White to black

-Scribble from the diary

Begin again

So they met again, unaware of each others’ struggles, tried to rebuild the bond. He told her his feelings and she told him the truth. Both were feeling guilty. Expectations were hurt. So they decided to become friends again. Accepting everything, he decided to help her at her worst and she decided to undo the wrong.


Scribble from the diary